How to Find Build Runner Usage in TeamCity

Today we needed a way to determine build runner usage across all TeamCity projects. We were using a custom build runner – Node.js NPM – in several projects in TeamCity, but we didn’t know exactly which projects. And we wanted to upgrade the version of Node.js on our build server.

The Node.js NPM build runner allows you to integrate Node.js into your build steps. But, unless you’ve configured the related build steps to use a specific Node version, it will use whichever version that is currently installed on the build agent. So if we didn’t pay attention, upgrading Node.js had the potential to break some of our existing build configurations.

Searching the TeamCity UI

Initially, I thought the TeamCity UI might reveal which projects were using this build runner. In the Administration section, I found the Usage Statistics node (see Figure 1.) While this told me Continue reading “How to Find Build Runner Usage in TeamCity”