Practical Octopus Deploy – Using OctoPack

Creating Deployment Packages Using OctoPack

In the previous post, we took a look at DbUp – a tool to package and deploy database change scripts. In this post, we are going to check out another tool, OctoPack. We’ll be using OctoPack to help us create and publish packages in a format that Octopus Deploy can easily consume. This is the seventh post in a series about using Octopus Deploy.

An Octopus's Garden
An Octopus Garden

An Octopus’ Garden – and Some Turtles

Octopus Deploy has many capabilities. But once I got into to it, eventually I found that three of the shiniest objects in the world of Octopus are:

  1. NuGet packages,
  2. PowerShell scripts,
  3. and in what perhaps is simply another case of Continue reading “Practical Octopus Deploy – Using OctoPack”